We are excited to announce the launch of the V2 Gnarvana Modular Frame Kit. These kits continue to build out our unique Modular Frame Platform. The updated Gnarvana is a new model on the V2 rear triangle, complementing the fully Revved Rear Triangle kits for the Trail Pistol that came out late last year.

The kits feature a mixed-material rear triangle, with a Revved Carbon swingarm and Alloy chainstay. This combo is our strongest and stiffest available.


The Modular Frame Platform was developed in 2016 to make the idea of “n+1” a lot more attainable. Completely unique to GG, the platform allows you to transform your existing GG into a completely different model with a Modular Frame Kit and a few simple components. 

Current Gnarvana owners now have the option to update their ride to the V2 platform. By using the Revved swingarm, riders benefit from increased stiffness and a smoother ride quality. Additionally, the V2 uses SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger and a 0 mm rear wheel dish.


Gnarvana Wheel Dish


For riders on the V1 rear triangle with alloy swingarms, full rear triangle kits for the Gnarvana and Trail Pistol are available.

For riders on the fully Revved Trail Pistol, all you need is a seatstay kit and a few components to convert it into the V2 Gnarvana.

Both the Rear Triangle and Seatstay Kits only require a few simple tools and basic know-how to swap. We have step-by-step guides available in our Owner’s Area to make the DIY conversion easier than assembling an IKEA nightstand.

Locke Hassett, a writer (and rider) for The Radavist stopped by the GG HQ to try a conversion out for himself. Here's what he had to say: 

Essentially, you can take a 120mm Trail Pistol that you ride most of the time, and, with the right parts, minimal tools, and a bit of mechanical know-how, convert it into a 160mm Gnarvana…The process is pretty straightforward, and you only need some allen keys and a torque wrench.

Current GG owners and the GG-curious alike now have even more options to transform their rides. This option expands the lifetime of your bike, not only due to the durability of our Revved Carbon material but also the versatility that the platform provides. You have a bike that can grow with your riding and accommodate the limitless possibilities of terrain.